1. Submit letter of intent at least 3 days for photo/video/pre-nup shoots and at least 5 days for TV/Film shootings;
    2. Photo shoots and film shootings shall only be allowed during Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays and shooting venue/areas in the PNR shall be clearly specified;
    3. Upon approval of letter-request, a contract shall be prepared for signature (conforme) of requesting party and approving PNR official;
    4. Corresponding fees shall be paid to the Treasury Division and permit to shoot shall be released upon presentation of the Official Receipt;
    5. A 2-hour equivalent rate shall be imposed as cash bond which is refundable, if unused;
    6. The shooting fees shall be as follows: (minimum of 3 hours)
      1. Photo/Pre-nup Shoots - P1,000 per hour, maximum of 6 persons
        • In excess of 6 persons, additional P100/person shall be charged
      2. Video Shoot - P3,000 per hour, maximum of 10 persons
        • In excess of 10 persons, additional P150/person shall be charged
      3. TV/Film Shootings - P5,000 per hour
    7. The rate on TV/Film shootings using rolling stocks (to be assigned by the TCTOD or RSM) shall be P15,000/hr for moving and P7,000/hr for non-moving. Usual cash bond shall apply. Equivalent daily rate including overtime/night service of accompanying train personnel shall be borne by the TV/Film outfit;
    8. Excess of a fraction of an hour in the shooting shall be considered as 1 hour, to be charged against the cash bond posted;
    9. Cash bond refund shall be processed upon submission of letter-request by claimants.
    10. Strictly NO REFUND for regular fees.
    11. Approved requests for non-revenue shoots shall also be covered with corresponding contract and permit.