To contribute in the aspect of country's economic relevance and governance.

To provide affordability, sustainability, safety, efficiency and reliability of railway services to the Filipino commuters as a socio-economic development tool.

To ease bottlenecks of the Philippine transportation networks.

To constantly strive consistency and improvement in providing the passenger mobility and adherence to social safeguards through expanding capability in the aspect of construction and operation.

To continuously innovate and update the railway system in the aspect of technology advancement and stay up in terms of standards.

To contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life of the Filipino commuters



The PREMIERE NATIONAL RAILWAY company in the Philippines in 2028

  • We Have built NSCR
  • We Have Freight Service Operational
  • We Have Built and Operated the South Long Haul Service
  • Manage Several Unsolicited Projects
  • Resumed Accumulation of Additional Assets
  • Have made existing Assets Productive
  • Prime Transit Oriented Development Provider for the National Government