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MANILA, Philippines - From Tuesday evening, Nov. 29, the Philippine National Railways (PNR) extends its operating hours in its Metro Manila routes in anticipation of the holiday rush.

Shoppers will now have longer hours to shop in Tutuban, while passengers will have more trains to ride.

Under the extended operating hours, the first train leaves Tutuban at 4:11 AM, while the last train leaves Tutuban at 9:16 PM.

The following are the additional train trips:
+ 8:16 PM Tutuban to San Pedro;
+ 4:50 AM San Pedro to Tutuban; and
+ 5:01 AM Sucat to Tutuban.

The PNR has daily trips of around 44 to 50. Under the extended operating hours, PNR train trips will now number 55 to 60.

Holiday shoppers significantly increase the Metro Manila PNR ridership.

In 2019, PNR recorded a 17-percent increase in ridership boarding in Tutuban Station during the holiday season.

With the eased Covid19 health protocols, it is projected that the Metro Manila PNR ridership will return to the pre-pandemic levels. ###